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Fucking retart. Firstly I think this Aaron Tan Ah Beng wanna be is a disgrace to Singapore. I mean who is that childish to send a threat over youtube? But Anyway, because of that shit video that was broadcast across youutube and reached america, there were a couple of american youtubers that picked it up and had a say in it. 

On of the first was a youtuber Fadedholysoldier, whom i wasn’t offended by. I mean if i wasn’t a singaporean and saw a video like that i would have reacted like that. Fair enough.

But this other youtuber, Makell, really went too far.

Yes, fair enough Aaron Tan is a retart. But from there insulting asian men? And saying asian girls let white men fuck us because you think you’re the superior race? You’re really fucking ignorant aren’t you?

Firstly, I want to educate you on why some of us asian girls allow some of you to mistreat us. Do you not know in certain countries in asia they are known to be extreme gold diggers? In history is it known that in asia we work for our rice bowl, even if it costs us our lives. We are aware of where the money is, and we will force ourselves to get close to it. And if you’re not aware, it is a known fact in asia that white guys have money(lol maybe not anymore). Once these asian girls have their hands on your cash, it will all be taken away from you in no time and back to their country. And also, did you ever think maybe these girls simply want you to give them citizenship in america because they don’t want to return to their country? All these has nothing to do with asian guys.

Secondly, where the fuck did you get those laws? It isn’t even accurate! I admit that Singapore has ridiculous laws. But that is what makes us the safest country you can ever live in. We have heavy penalty on drugs that is why there is rarely any drug addicts unlike the idiots who go all out on drugs in america. We have a much lower crime rate and homelessness compared to america. It is those laws that make Singapore such a pleasant place to live in. I know because after living in Britain for 3 years, I am starting to realize how awesome our laws are! And we’re free from natural disasters!!

Third, SINGAPORE A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Do you have any idea how fucking advanced our country is? Despite being so advanced, we still managed to maintain our kampong-like lifestyles in our modern houses. And at least, WE ARE NOT IN DEBT DESPITE OUR GROWTH. You want to start a debate on which country is in more of a mess; Singapore or America? America is now heavily in debt of more the a billion bucks. China, a developing country is the biggest debt collector to America, a developed country.

AND FOR YOUR INFORMATION, the only reason why certain countries are still developing or poor, it is because AMERICA borrowed money from them. And now that America is still in debt despite having borrowed from these poor countries, it causes these countries to remain POOR. So please think twice before dissing them!

Its just sad that america has someone like you to be such a disgrace to america.

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Another reason to delete my facebook account

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I was suppose to turn up to my lazercutting session at the workshop. I didn’t bring my phone because I was only suppose to be out for an hour.

When I was at the workshop for lazercutting, they were experiencing some delay, so they pushed my timing from 3-4 to 3:30-4:30. I came up to the studio, I had nothing to do because my laptop was at home. So I went to the school copumter to try log on to facebook and chill while i waited for 3:30 to come. And this is when I got mad.

Oh my gosh. I hate facebook. The only reason why I have a facebook account is so I can post random things sponteneously. But with their ridiculous security services now I can’t even log onto facebook sponteneously!

Even at home, when i want to log into my ipad to chill on facebook, I still have to reach out my phone to type in the code! How is anyone allowed to chill???

I wanted to log onto facebook badly because I was freakishly bored. So I contacted facebook, and this is what they replied.

This honestly pissed me off :

Note that we won’t be able to investigate this report without a copy of an ID that meets our requirements. After you send your ID, you should hear back from us within 48 hours.

WTF!!!! ID!!!!! Is this some sort of police investigation? It is just facebook!!! And 48 hours?? I just wanted to log on for like 5 minutes! And because of that I have to go through that whole process just to log in. Oh my gosh. Who can be bothered? It is like facebook’s way of telling me DONT LOG INTO FACEBOOK ANYMORE WE DON’T WANT YOU HERE.

Argh. Another reason to delete my facebook account.

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PRCs, why won’t you just BEHAVE to prove us wrong?

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It is a known fact that I hate many PRCs. When I say PRCs, I am talking about People Republic of China. The ones that were born and raised in China. Not the awesome ones that I have become friends with here in UK.

Lately, I have been reading news about chinese residents in Singapore misbehaving and showing disrespect to my people. Not only that, these PRC do not portray proper traditional chinese values that I myself was brought up with (my family is taoist). It shows how uncivilized these assholes can be.

Since I was at a young age I was always very prejudice against Chinese citizens. I always told myself I never want to be so “cheena”, so I grew up speaking English, neglecting my chinese roots. Firstly, I hate the accent and the food. Secondly I have never like being around Chinese people in school.

When I grew up, I thought I was being way too childish, so I decided to give these people a chance. Further more China is blooming so technically I bo bian lol.

But still, these PRCs have yet never proved me wrong. They are still cheap, disrespectful, rude and uncivilized.

Like the saying goes, action speaks louder than words.

Source 1: Outrage over PRC student’s insult: ‘S’poreans will always do worse than us’

"There’s a lesson we can learn from the recent Singapore vs China matches, which is applicable when we take our final exams. No matter what, don’t give up, because Singaporeans will always do worse than us."

STOMPer zong said:

"I chanced upon this post while reading through a well-known online forum, Hardware Zone Singapore.

"I feel that it’s really disappointing and demoralizing to us Singaporeans.

"Although many Chinese students have proved that they are significantly smarter and hardworking than many Singaporean students, this does not give him the right to insult our intelligence.

"I think that he should be sent a severe warning letter to think twice before posting such harsh comments on Singaporeans.

"These comments will affect the relationship between the Mainland Chinese and Singaporeans.

"On top of that, he should post an apology letter or thread on the forums to apologise for his negligence and carelessness in posting such hurtful remarks on Singaporeans."

STOMPer antitiong wrote:

"First, we offered them a place to study here in Singapore.

"Now they belittle our academic capability?

"What’s this?

"They take the opportunity to study here is fine enough, but to make these remarks, it’s like… sarcastic."

PRCs are ungrateful.

Source 2: PRC tourist claims that they were ‘assaulted’ by Changi airport staff and police

Netizens are outraged by a Chinese national’s online comment that ‘Singaporeans will always do worse than us’. The NUS student from China has apparently apologised for the post and claimed that he was merely reposting a friend’s words.

The disparaging remark, which made reference to the Lions’ recent losses to the China team in the World Cup qualifier matches, read:

A spokesperson for the Police has stated that Auxiliary and Airport Police officers discharged their duties professionally in restoring order, after a group of Chinese National passengers alleged that Police ‘assaulted’ them at Changi Airport.

The passengers had blocked a passageway at the airport to protest the 9-hour delay of a Hong Kong Airline flight from Singapore to Hong Kong. They later claimed that the Police officers that had arrived to restore order had ‘assaulted’ them, and even threatened them with their handcuffs and weapons.

An airline spokesperson said that CCTV footage of the incident, however, showed that Singaporean ground staff had acted appropriately to the situation. 

A spokesperson for the Singapore Police Force wrote:

"In response to media queries, police confirmed that on 15 Nov 2011 at about 2215 hrs, the police received a call for assistance from Changi Airport Group (CAG) Customer Service Officer manning the Terminal 2 Information Counter, citing rowdy boisterous behaviour from a group of frustrated passengers over issues of compensation they had with their airline arising from a flight delay. 

"The Police’s inquiry into the case, including reviewing of the CCTV, showed that prior to the arrival of Airport Police officers, a group of passengers had attempted to block the way of other passengers who were making their way to their departing gates. Several members of the Auxiliary Police who were in the vicinity, interfered to get the crowd to remain calm and to co-operate with airline representatives. When Airport Police officers arrived, they assisted the Auxiliary Police to restore order. 

"The CCTV footage confirmed that the rowdy passengers had indeed obstructed the path of other passengers and were causing a public nuisance. The CCTV also showed that Auxiliary Police officers who were engaging the passengers did not use a trolley to push it into the group. A female Auxiliary Police officer was in fact, seen drawing her handcuffs when a section of the group began to taunt her. Both Auxiliary and Airport Police officers discharged their duties professionally in restoring order and have ensured that airport operations at the terminal were not interrupted. 

"Police investigations into the incident are ongoing."

PRCs are troublemakers.

Source 3: Curry incident was 7 years ago

This Sunday (Aug 21), Singaporeans will be taking to their kitchens to stir up the most fragrant curries in an islandwide event.

The Cook a Pot of Curry event was created in response to the outcome of the mediation action of the Community Mediation Centre when a mainland Chinese family asked a local Indian family not to cook curry as they did not like the smell.

The outcome of the case, in which community mediator Marcellina Giam handled, was that the Indian family only cook curry when the Chinese family was not home.

According to a clarification issued by the Community Mediation Unit, the solution to the dispute was proposed by one of the parties and accepted by the other. The mediator only acted as a neutral third party to facilitate discussions between the disputing parties, continued the clarification.

Netizens who had set up the event on Facebook, stated the purpose of the event was “to promote the ‘message’ of Curry Cooking and let all natives and newly-arrived immigrants understand the message of tolerance and appreciation of our beautiful multi-racial culture”.

They also asked that those cooking curry “share the pots of curries” to “spread the message of love, tolerance and acceptance”.

Wrote STOMPer Martin in response to the event:

"Came across this event on Facebook: It seems that a lot of Singaporeans are going to be cooking curry this weekend in a show of solidarity as Singaporeans!

"This was prompted by a recent article about a mediation between an Indian family and a family from PRC.

"The PRC family had complained about how they couldn’t stand the smell of curry from the Indian household.

"The eventual outcome was that the Indian family agreed to cook curry only when the PRC family wasn’t in."

PRCs think they’re KINGS.

Source 4: Fierce China girl shouts at granny selling flowers — then goes inside temple to pray

STOMPer E was disgusted when she saw this China woman shouting and screaming at a helpless elderly woman selling flowers outside Kwan Imm Temple. What’s the point of going to the temple to pray if you are so disrespectful, the STOMPer added.

In an email to STOMP today (Jan 31), the STOMPer says:

“I was at Kwan Imm Temple in Singapore, taking pics of the temple when I came across this PRC scolding an elderly woman who sells flowers for a living.

“I was shocked, but since this PRC did not harm the elderly woman physically and I don’t know what the scolding is about, I kept a distance and took a video clip of how disrespectful she was to the elderly woman.  

“The PRC was picking on the elderly woman who makes that few cents from selling a packet of loose flowers or a few stalk of flowers to the devotees of the nearby Kwan Imm Temple.

“After scolding the old lady, she turned and screamed at me, asking me why I took her pictures. When I asked her if she was trying to pick up a fight, she walked away.

“To my surprise, the PRC walked into the temple after scolding the poor elderly woman. So unforgiving, so rude, so bitchy, so disrespectful, need to pray for what?

“The elderly woman then told me that the PRC had asked her a lot of questions about the flowers that she was selling, and then walked away.

“Then the elderly woman started to nag at the PRC when she realised that she had bought flowers from another woman.

“Even if the elderly woman is not right to nag at the PRC for not buying flowers from here, the PRC should not be so disrespectful and scold her.

“What is the point of going to the temple if she is so unforgiving and disrespectful towards old people?”

PRCs are hypocrites and ill-mannered.

Source 5: Foreign woman tells Ah Ma: ‘Just because you’re old, doesn’t mean I’ve to give way to you’

STOMPer Karen said a foreign woman, who was apparently a Chinese national, refused to give way to an elderly woman on a bus who was about to alight. The STOMPer said the foreign woman was also rude to the elderly passenger. 

The STOMPer, who took a video of the incident, said:

"This happened this morning (Nov 16).

"The bus was crowded and the elderly woman wanted to move to the back of the bus as she was going to alight soon. 

"But the China woman was standing up and blocking the way, even though there was empty seat in front of her. 

"When the elderly auntie asked the foreign woman to either sit down or move in to the back so that she could make her way to the door, the younger woman ignored her.

"The woman sat down when the auntie asked her a second time, but she later started to argue because she wasn’t happy about being told to sit down.

"The auntie told her that she shouldn’t be rude, as she is in Singapore, and the foreign woman replied that she lives in Singapore too.

"When the old woman was about to alight, the foreign woman told the auntie that just because she’s old, it doesn’t mean that she has to give way to her."

PRCs have no proper upbringing.

Source 6: China hawker couple attacked 3 patrons for taking extra ikan bilis

It all started when STOMPer Julia took a portion of anchovies from a container that was placed outside a hawker stall in Clementi. Before they knew it, the China hawker couple started punching and hitting her family of three.

Said Julia of what happened (Apr 14):

"A China hawker couple at Food Loft Block 431 Clementi Ave 3 assaulted my family of three all because of some anchovies. This happened around 1pm yesterday.

"One of my photos clearly shows a small table with a container of fried onions and another container of anchovies beside some trays outside the stall. After paying for the noodles, I took a small saucer and placed some anchovies onto it.

"The lady owner started to raise her voice at me saying, ‘You Singaporeans who are paying so little money want to have so much of everything’. 

"She kept on mumbling and complaining to the crowd and passers-by about me getting the little extra anchovies.

"My point is if they didn’t want to give the anchovies away, they should have kept the items inside and out of sight. My husband then took pictures of this woman grumbling and of the noodles. The woman complained to her husband and he came after us and assaulted all three of us.

"We had to run for our dear life and they continued to chase us, kicking and banging on our locked car. The woman even stood in front of our car to stop us from driving away while her husband kicked and slammed the car from behind.

"We rushed to SGH to see the doctor for my back and head injury sustained from a fall while trying to stop my husband from hitting them. Both of his eyes were swollen and my poor son got a blue-black under his right eye. The medical bill was S$180.00 and all because of some extra anchovies. We also made a police report later at night."

According to Julia’s husband, they decided to snap photos of the food and the stall as they wanted to make a report to NEA as the food did not seem clean. 

At this point, the China man came out and shouted, ‘Why you taking picture?’ He later started shoving Julia’s husband around with his body and his own camera, telling him to ‘sit down and be photographed’.

In the middle of this, Julia’s husband went to ask the China woman why she ‘made the matter so big’. He held up the plastic container of anchovies, which she slammed down onto the table. 

This sparked off the assault, with the China couple punching Julia’s family, including her 14-year-old son who tried to defend his father. The China man also used an object to hit the STOMPer’s husband on his head.

Julia’s husband said he tried to defend himself from the man’s punches, but his wife and even the coffeeshop owner prevented him from doing anything. 

The China couple is apparently known for their bad temper, the coffeeshop owner told him.

PRCs are hooligans.

Source 7: How can? Family refuses to get off bus, gets free taxi ride instead

STOMPer iceblue was disgusted that the family who had caused a 5-hour standoff on board an SBS Transit bus was given a free ride home in a taxi. He feels they should have received a stiff penalty for their behaviour instead.

The family of four, comprising a Chinese national couple from Beijing, an elderly lady and her daughter (both Singaporean) as well as their maid were told by the bus captain to alight after they had brought a wheelchair on board the bus. 

This was because the bus was not equipped with a padded wheelchair dock, which meant that transporting a wheelchair would have been unsafe for other commuters.

Here’s what the STOMPer wrote in an email today (Jan 19):

"I was surprised to read an article in Wanbao yesterday about this family, including two members from China, who ‘hijacked’ a public bus for about 5 hours in Singapore, and was given a free taxi ride home by SBS Transit.  

"The family had wanted to board a bus near Mandai and was refused by the bus driver for bringing a wheelchair up on the bus due to safety concerns, as wheelchairs are a safety hazard and might injure others on the bus if there are no safety straps onboard.

"The family refused to alight and left other commuters stranded on the bus. 

"The reason given by the PRC woman was that the bus did not have signs that forbid wheelchairs to be brought up.

"The bus captain had to call another bus in to transfer the other commuters to. 

"I am amazed by SBS Transit’s response in providing a free taxi ride home for the family to end the fiasco. 

"The situation seems to have been mishandled. It just suggests one should make a fool out of yourself to have your requests granted. It sets a bad precedent.

"Clearly, in this scenario, the family had not only created a public nuisance, but also wasted taxpayer’s money by activating the police and increase costs for the public transport operator. 

"The police, should have taken action against the family instead.

"No wonder our public transport costs are increasing."

PRCs are heartless.

Source 8: Rude China bus driver laughs loudly at passengers who miss bus

STOMPer Yvonne was shocked by the actions of this rude China bus driver, who stood at a bus stop and laughed loudly at all the passengers who missed their bus.

He even quarrelled with some of the passengers and insulted them, says the STOMPer.

Yvonne recounts the unpleasant incident:

"I was waiting for my bus to arrive at bus stop number 54101.

"When bus 58 arrived, some of us flagged the bus.

"However, the bus captain just drove off without stopping.

"While this happened, this rude China bus driver, seen in the picture, was standing at the bus stop.

"He laughed loudly at the passengers who missed the bus.

"He even raised his voice and quarrelled with a passenger.

"He insulted the passengers and said things which indicated that he looked down on Singaporeans.

"As an employee in Singapore, I don’t think it is good to make such comments.

"I wonder why SBS employed someone with such an attitude."

PRCs are big bullies.

The list goes on. There are just too many and I don’t want to flood you guys with it all. There are other sources I didn’t mentioned because they are outrageous and didn’t occur in Singapore, but in China, like the todler who was runed over several times but no one bothered. The tolder eventually died. What the heck, here the link.

click here

So, I have been waiting for a time where I can say, “Wow, these PRCs aren’t that bad after all,” However, I am consistently proved right again and again. Some PRCs are ungrateful, troublemaking hooligans that think they’re KINGS, together with their hypocritical and ill-mannered upbringing. To me, they portray themselves as heartless big bullies in Singapore.

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Just another rant

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Argh. For the whole summer I have been avoiding my uncle. When I go over to Irvine, I sleep all day just so I don’t have to have too much communication with them. Bottom line, I feel depress in Irvine and when I’m depressed I don’t wish to speak.

Somehow I get the vibe that he expects the worst out of me. So I am keeping my distance. As far as I can. All that nagging that I get down my ear can seriously drive me insane that distracts me from what I am here to do - GET MY DEGREE.

He says I’m drunk, I’m fooling around, I am wasting my summer. Lol. I didn’t even bother explaining what I was actually doing. When I cheekily say I’m drunk he believes me. When I say I’m doing my summer project he says its bullshit. I give up.

I’ll just let him tell my dad I’ve been wasting my life on drugs and alcohol instead of studying then. I honestly do not have the time to deal with family politics.

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My video about PRCs…

POSTED BY raine chong 3 years ago on 25 August 2011

My video on PRC have been very popular on youtube getting a hit of more then 10, 000 viewers.

I get majority of viewers who support and understand where I am coming from, but some who sometimes I wonder if they even did even listen to a word I say

Comments I get always comes down to:

comment: Remember your fucking roots, you’re chinese after all!

Did I not mention that I AM Chinese? And frankly I am very proud to be one. In asia, chinese seems to be a very general term. But here, I would get feedback from other international saying, "yeah your asian but you’re not chinese! You’re Singaporean you sinkie,"

LOL. Sinkie. Trust me I do adore where I come from. And I am proud of it. Though I do not appreciate the fact that my grandmother(dad’s mom) was tricked into working in malaysia when she was actually be sold by her aunt, my grandfather(dad’s dad) was also being sold to malaysia as a slave. But he was such a humble and noble man he was able to feed a family of 15 with his own hard work. He was a very accomplished contractor 80% of the first buildings in Taiping, Malaysia was built by him.

View the post I talked about him here!


comment: Without China Singapore would be nothing!

Erm. Did any of you even study history? Originally named Singapura, it was just an island that was part of malaysia, but was discovered by an Indonesian prince named Sang Nila Utama.

When Sir Stamford Raffles found the place, he saw a very peaceful villiage filled with peranakans.

Peranakan Chinese and Baba-Nyonya are terms used for the descendants of late 15th and 16th-century Chinese immigrants to the Indonesian archipelago of Nusantara during the Colonial era.

It was then Raffles felt this would be the perfect location for trading, because Singapura was in the middle. So he renamed it Singapore!

Because Singapore became such an important center for trading, immigrants from CHINA and INDIA came to Singapore in search for a better life. This was all the work by the british. It was after the war under the Japanese Occupation that determined our choice; to Flee back to china/india, or to stand by Singapore as Singaporeans and protect our nation?

We’ve built a nation with our hands

The toil of people from a dozen lands

Strangers when we first began, now we’re Singaporean

Let’s reach out for Singapore, join our hands forever more

One people, one nation, one Singapore

That’s the way that we will be forever more

Every creed and every race, has it’s role and has it’s place

One people, one nation, one Singapore

And when the time comes for the test

Our vigilance will never rest

We’ll be united, hand in hand

We’ll show the world just where we stand

And reach out for Singapore, join our hands forevermore

If the british did not did colonize Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew would not be in the country. And he would not have had the chance to make Singapore to what it is today.

Yes I agree, now with the China Market booming, China is an important country to the world! But I did not say I hate all the chinese nationals in China did I?

You can’t be narrow minded and generate the whole country like this

Again, did you even watch the whole video? I am not saying I hate all of them. I merely hate those who come into another country and show disrespect to the locals, and make use of the government body. It is the sly ones that I despise.

I adore chinese nationals who works decent jobs, like engineers, entrepreneurs, etc. who comes into the country, pay proper taxes and contributes to the economy. But there are those who come here who don’t pay proper taxes, make use of the government, and insults the locals showing disrespect. 

I am extremely close to my flatmate who is from Nanjing, China. And she is the few friends I know from China whom I fully respect! She studies in a local university in Glasgow and she has visions and ambitions for the future! We need people like that flooding our countries rather then sly useless immigrants.

And to end this, just like Lee Kuan Yew say, on his interview with charlie rose,

CHARLIE ROSE:  And immigration has been America’s strength?  

LEE KUAN YEW:  Absolutely.  But mind you, immigration of the highly intelligent and highly-hard working, very hard working people.  If you get immigration of the fruit pickers, you may not get very far. 

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New ID Studios. Worth it?

POSTED BY raine chong 3 years ago on 16 August 2011

You know those promotions on the streets in Glasgow, the Saloon that gives you a makeover and a photoshoot? Yes it is New ID Studios. As glamorous as it sounds, and supposedly being one of the most recommended Saloons/Beauty Parlour there is, the services are dodgy.

Here’s their website:


Still, I got some photos. Yes. I got 2 photograph. But it cost me a total of £50 for just obtaining the pictures.

When I was being explained what New ID studios was about on the streets, I was intrigued. Because they mentioned I can get whatever I want to do to myself on that day, with a complementary package of photos at just £30. Never did I know that one Package consisted of 1 photo! And when they said anything, it didn’t mean anything for good, but anything, for the day. I asked if I could do a permanent Perm, they said no. Hair dyed? no. Not included. So I ended up having a temporary curl and a hair cut.

I made an appointment at 2:30. But when I went there, I had to wait to 4pm until it was finally my turn. Bad service or what? Do they even know what is an appointment?

The hair dresser wasn’t even that good, on account that she was talking to her colleague how badly she wanted to go home since it was already 5pm. -_- Right, saying that in front of a customer. And I asked for layers, and asked her to shape my hair. But with a couple of snips she says she’s done. And frankly I don’t see a difference.

The make up artist seems very new, because of the way she was doing my make up. She seemed nervous and clueless. Since I am getting a makeover shouldn’t I expect her to show me her skills… She ended up giving me smoky eyes which I could easily do with my own make up. Didn’t need to pay for it to be done. And she even glued the fake eyelashes to my real eyelashes! They state I could reuse the eyelashes. How do you expect me to reuse them after the whole thing is soaked in glue already???? And I even had to pay for the Fake eyelashes. £12.

And the studio was so small, it didn’t feel right at all. All the equipment she had was so basic, I wouldn’t even count it as a professional shot. Just with a DSLR which almost everyone I know already owns one. All Photoshop techniques they offer was everything I can already do with Photoshop by myself.

So how much did I spend?

Package deal of £30, Fake eyelashes of £12 and an additional photo of £50. £92 on what? A single haircut. Totally NOT worth it.

At first they were getting me to get all the pictures, which would have cost me £800 that I can pay monthly. Dream on. then they tried to get me to get 10 pictures at £400 which I can pay monthly. DREAM ON. And because I kept refusing, they kept reducing the price from 400 to 200….. dodgy or what?

They asked me if I would go back there again, I said yes. But frankly, I wouldn’t recommend it, because you might as well get a friend to do everything for you.  So just don’t even try it out. It is really not worth your money. Unless you are really that retarded you cannot even do proper make up or your own temporary perm.

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Criticism I can stand, but once you deface my country’s flag you’ve gone too far.

POSTED BY raine chong 3 years ago on 1 August 2011

Yes. My blog post today is about the match between Malaysia and Singapore. First thing first, my purpose today is not about the football match. I could not be bothered to watch it because its not even a big deal. Its not the World Cup or the Euro Cup. However, what I am pissed about is the events that took place around this match.

Malaysian hooligans deface S’pore flag.

Look at these idiots! They can’t even spell ‘loser’ right! So who are the real losers?

And why are we still rejoining the Malaysia Cup, after all the unsporting behaviour that they have shown us?

I personally feel that this is an act of sore losers. They don’t even show sportsmanship after a match and even attempted to punch Singapore players during the match.

Hooligans is not enough of a word to describe these people. Yes its spelled L-O-S-E-R. Not looser. Seriously, how can you insult the other team when you can’t even get the spelling correct? Epic FAIL.

Anyway, my point is that a friendly match between two countries who are ‘supposedly’ good neighbours should not deviate into an idiotic show of slander and immature, childish tactics that even 5 year olds wouldn’t be seen carrying out.

Many Singaporeans are not aware of the hate that some Malaysians carry for Singapore, including myself. Although I have Malaysian roots and many Malaysian family members, I am unsure of why this hatred occurs?

Looking at that bunch of Malaysian hooligans that defaced my Country’s flag makes me wonder what kind of (lack?) values these ‘fans’ were brought up with.

But who can blame them? The Malaysian Government have for years given privileges to the Muslim population, including less rigorous exams to gain access to higher education. 

This is not a racist comment. I am not racist towards Muslims. I have many Muslim friends in Singapore, however they would never carry out such a disgraceful act as to deface another country’s national flag, Malaysia’s included. Why is this?

To add on to their madness, Malaysian hooligan points laser at Lion’s keeper to blind him.

This clearly highlights the complete lack of sportsmanship certain fans posses. Any proper football fan would never stoop to such a level. Incidents like this in Scotland, even Europe would never occur. Acts like this show a complete lack of respect for the opposing team and the sport in general, these people should not be classified as fans, I believe hooligans may be a more appropriate term? A small group of idiotic, thoughtless ‘supporters’ have indeed tarnished their teams (and country’s) reputation for football.

The saddest fact of all however is that the many decent Malaysian fans who went just to enjoy themselves and have a fun day out, their reputation may have also been tarnished to the rest of the world (I know you shouldn’t tar people with the same brush but unfortunately that’s the way of things in the world today).

 Again, is it values that they were brought up with? UTTER DISAPPOINTMENT.

A Malaysia fan shone a laser pointer into the eyes of Singapore goalkeeper Izwan Mahbud during last night’s World Cup Qualifier showdown. Video footage taken during the match clearly shows the green glare of the pointer on his face.

A similar incident had occurred during Malaysia’s Suzuki cup meeting with Indonesia which led to the Indonesian team walking out temporarily during the match. The Malaysians went on to win the match 3-0.

To view the video click here.

And another comment said by one of the captain to Singapore,

'You are nothing' without foreign players

Lol. You are right. Without the foreign players,

We still have the numerous amount of talents that have graduated from the top universities world wide.

We still have the ideal location for large companies from all over the world to invest and provide jobs for our people.

We still have the number one transport system in the world.

We still have numerous developments for a better future despite the recession.

Citizens from neighbouring countries have came to Singapore for a better life, better pay, better future.

And the list goes on. Hmmmmm, wonder what else Singapore has to offer than just importing foreign talent?

Plus another thing that I can’t stand. Is Malaysian’s UMNO.

The UMNO emphasizes as its foundation the struggle to uphold the aspirations of Malay nationalism and the dignity of race, religion and country. The party also aspires to protect the Malay culture as the national culture and to uphold, defend and expand Islam. In recent years, the UMNO, under Prime Minister Najib has increasingly emphasized reducing ethnic tensions and protecting minority rights. 

And apparently, they are super against Singapore. Singapore is a nation which UMNO hates so much ostensibly for a alleged marginalization of Malays in Singapore. You know what? Find somebody else to pick on. Singapore government is so careful about racism sometimes they get people of other races to compromise.

1. Education Opportunities:

Malays do not have to pay school fees in Singapore, Chinese as well as Indians have to, no share imposed upon Malays for excelling in their studies. If Umno is still not happy, they can always set up common universities to accommodate them, thus, making Singapore supervision speechless!! Lets set a general exam in English, Science as well as Mathematics to find out either Singaporean Malays can outperform Indonesian Malays, Malaysian Malays, Brunei MalaysLets have a wager!

The competition for citing Quran is surely won by Indonesian Malays

2. Employment Opportunities in Government Sector:

If possibilities of same qualities in education, experience, ect, priorities will be since to minorities. (Since Umno is so funny about a Malays well-being in Singapore, I can appoint a research team to infer which a number of Malays in Singapore supervision zone is in higher suit — (Malays consecrate 8% of Singapore total population, though they consecrate about 28% in supervision sector- meaning out of 100 polite servants, twenty-eight have been Malays!! Mahathir should check Singapore Police Force, Civil Defence, Checkpoints as well as Immigration Authority as well as see for himself how Malays have been being hired there).

3. Employment Opportunities in in isolation sector:

Yes, there could be discrimination in in isolation sectors because a requirement to use Chinese language when dealing with China as well as due to other reasons theyre some-more hesitant to hire Malays as great Malays possibilities have been already taken by supervision sector.

Solutions: Umno-controlled companies in Singapore like CIMB, Maybank, Sime-Darby, etc, can apply a straightforward proceed of blindly hire all Malays so as to fulfil a Mahathirs Saving Malays in Singapore Mission.

4. Religion: Singapore has ample number of Mosques for Muslims, however, they cant repair their Mosques speaker outward as well as turn a volume up to a max; substantially a Malays in Singapore have no hearing problem.

5. Home ownership: 98% of Malay families in Singapore own a supervision housing unit. (while most Malays in Indonesia as well as Malaysia have been still homeless)!!

And apparently, UMNO thinks the Singapore government is racist. UMNO wants Singapore to by hook or by crook admit a Malay into a University at the expense of other more deserving students and he/she must be made a university graduate(IN OTHER WORDS, YOU HAVE TO PROMISE HIS ENTRY INTO UNIVERSITY AND GUARANTEE HIS/SHE SUCCESSFUL GRADUATION, FAILURE TO CHURNING OUT THE PRE-FIXED NUMBER OF MALAY UNIVERSITY GRADUATES IS CONSIDERED AS ANTI-MALAY, THEREFORE, LEE KUAN YEW IS VERY ANTI-MALAY)

-_- Whats wrong with this people. Wanting Singapore to implement the same fucked up rules as Malaysia? Dream on.

To all Malays in Singapore: Be honoured that the government is making you take the GCE O levels instead of letting you go easy. It shows how highly the government thinks of you and they believe you can get by in Singapore based on your own hard, honest work. This will not only give you the opportunity for a great future in our country, it will also give you the opportunity and qualifications to succeed anywhere in the world you choose to settle.

Sources taken from http://more.bonology.com/2010/09/why-umno-wants-malaysian-malays-to-hate.html


Saw this comment on the stomp website by another folk which I found was pretty funny :p

'You are nothing' without foreign players 

They are nothing without their laser. =.= 

Malaysia, Truly Laser.

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Malaysia could be saved after all.

POSTED BY raine chong 3 years ago on 11 July 2011

I remember at a young age, being ignorant about politics and how the world works, I always asked my parents this question,

Singapore is so much younger then Malaysia. Why is Singapore so much advance then Malaysia? Whats wrong with Malaysia?

Very ignorant question isn’t it. Till this day no adult can answer my question, when the answer is clearly corrupted government. And to be honest I am not too sure about their government policies.

As many of you guys know, my dad has a holiday house in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. In a Holiday resort, Sebana. When it first opened, it was being runned by a white guy, I am not too sure if he was british or american. It was a really beautiful resort, built around the theme, golf. I actually loved going there, and my dad bought the house the moment the resort opened.

But after a couple of years, the malays took over because they felt a white man shouldn’t be running a Malaysian resort.

Now, Sebana just looks like a dump, with poor maintainance of the holiday resorts and little facilities. I don’t even want to go there. I am now trying to talk my dad into selling the house he has there, but the property prices dropped so much it is almost not worth it to sell.

Not that I am trying to prove a point here but. Do you see the point certain existing evidence have shown us?

I haven’t been reading the news for a long time. But I am not surprised, and infact glad to see the improvements made in Penang, ever since the change in the government. I understand the country never always practice equality in the government. So I am actually glad to see a mixture of races in the government body.

Some of you may ask, you also not malaysian, why you care so much about malaysian politics…

Because its being said that the chinese population in Malaysia is dropping by the second. Of course la! Because now they’re all populating Singapore! !”£$%^&*()

So because of my country sake of course I am concerned!!!

“Many Malays are abandoning PKR and PAS and returning to Umno because they realised they have been deceived by the Pakatan state government.

“They now understand the Pakatan political game,” Azhar told FMT in an exclusive interview at his office in Penang Regional Development Authority (Perda) here today.

- Umno secretary Azhar Ibrahim

LOL. I read this here. Honestly, he sounds like a joker. I have never heard a politician speak like evangalist before. Its like he is going around saying:

malaysians… you have been decieved… come back to us… the corrupted ones… (so we can pocket your money and get rich while you rot in hell)….

LOL. He is actually indirectly saying those who voted for the PR do not have their own sets of thinking. So he is indirectly insulting majority of Malaysia. Nice one.

But anyway, good job so far by Pakatan Rakyat so far! We’ll how things goes….

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POSTED BY raine chong 3 years ago on 8 July 2011

Guys, today I have decided to blog about contraceptions. This is mainly targeted to women, because so far all the medical advances for contraceptions is only applicable for women, I don’t know why! and men need to rely on women to be responsible for consequences.

Lately, I have been seeing too many young couples with babies who look clueless walking down the streets of glasgow. The guys look young enough to be my little brother, and the girls are only years older then my sister who is only 16!


Take note by having contraception, not only do you prevent yourself from pregnancy, but also protects you from STDs.

So I want to point out, the most popular options of contraception. First I will start on the most common contraception, which is the Condom.

LOL CUTE PICTURE RIGHT :p Ok fine I’ll start to be serious.

Used by almost everyone I know, and easily obtainable. Heck most UK clinics give this out for free. Around 97% safe, and it is the ONLY contraception that prevents us from transmitting STDs.

And of course, there are many types of condoms out there, and for goodness sake. Because this concerns LIFE, this is one item that you pay the full price for which will be ABSOLUTELY worth it! Don’t buy those cheapo ones for the sake of saving your money or resorting to some unknown condom brands that says its some sort of invisible condom that even when you’re using it you can’t feel a thing lol.

However, condoms have a breakage rate of 2.3% and a slippage rate of 1.3% which “may translate into a high risk for individuals who are very sexually active. So when using a condom, I always believe not only must you use the top of the line quality ones, but also, always have a back-up plan of a second contraception.

Next, would be the Pill.

Also very common among many young adults, used by about 100 million women world wide, the pill is known to be 99% safe.

The Pill is a tablet containing two female hormones – an oestrogen and a progestogen. This is why it’s often called the combined Pill. Various oestrogens and progestogens are used in the many different types of Pill that are available. The two hormones stop you from ovulating (producing an egg) each month. And if you don’t ovulate, you won’t get pregnant. In addition, the hormones thicken the secretions round your cervix, making it more difficult for sperm to get through. Also, they make the lining of your womb thinner, so that it’s less receptive to an egg.

  • But very occasionally, it can have serious side-effects. 
  • headaches
  • nausea
  • breast tenderness
  • slight weight gain
  • slight ‘spotting’ of blood between the periods.

And the the only time when the pill is not safe is when you stop taking them even for a day. So if you want to start on the pill, make sure you’re a very responsible in taking them!

This third contraception, would be the Contraceptive injection

These are jabs that contain hormones, which stop you ovulating and have other anti-conception effects. When injected into a muscle, the medication keeps you from getting pregnant for a considerable period of time(3 years).

Also, the jab does ensure that sex is spontaneous; you don’t have to bother about putting on condoms or inserting chemicals.

And the great thing is, better then the pill and condom, it is more than 99% effective. This means that less than one woman in 100 who use this method of contraception will become pregnant each year.

However, the injection cannot be removed once given, so any side effects last for more than 2-3 months until the progesterone goes from your body.

As the injection is long acting, it takes some time after the last injection for its effect on fertility to wear off. This time varies from woman to woman. Some women take 6-8 months after the last injection before fertility returns. Rarely, it can take up to two years before fertility returns. This delay is not related to the length of time you use this method of contraception.

Your periods are likely to change. During the first few months some women have irregular bleeding which can be heavier and longer than normal. However, it is unusual for heavy periods to persist. After the first few months it is more common for the periods to become lighter than usual, although they may be irregular. Many women have no periods at all. The longer it is used, the more likely periods will stop. Periods stop for about 7 in 10 women after they have had the injection for a year.

Last of all, it is the IUD/IUS, or better known as the Coil

But it is a very painful and uncomfortable process to put it in!

The intrauterine device (IUD) is a form of birth control; it is an object, placed in the uterus, to prevent pregnancy. Among modern IUDs, the two types available are copper-containing devices, and a hormone-containing device that releases a progestogen. Currently, there are over 10 different kinds of copper IUDs available in different parts of the world, and there is one hormonal device, called Mirena. This contraception lasts for 5 years.

Mirena is a small plastic T-shaped contraceptive device that contains the active ingredient levonorgestrel. It is an intrauterine system (IUS) that is inserted into the womb in a similar way to a contraceptive coil. Once inserted it steadily releases the levonorgestrel into the womb (uterus). Levonorgestrel is a synthetic form of the female sex hormone, progesterone.

If 1000 women used the Mirena IUS for a year, only one would fall pregnant. This compares with about 10 for the normal IUD, 20 for the Pill and 10-15 for the injection (Depo Provera). This is comparable to the effectiveness of sterilisation.

Mirena acts as a contraceptive in two ways: it makes the mucus at the neck of the womb (the cervix) much thicker, preventing sperm from getting through and it also makes the lining of the womb extremely thin, stopping implantation. In some women it prevents egg release (ovulation).

As with all IUD’s, if it does fail, there is a higher risk of ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy located outside the womb, usually in the tube). If you felt pregnant or had a positive pregnancy test, it is important to see your doctor to rule this out. Overall, however, compared to women not using any contraception, the risk of ectopic pregnancy is greatly reduced (around 2 per 10,000 women each year [1]) because the IUS is such a good contraceptive.

Of course, before going on a long term contraception, always consult a doctor for which one could be the most suitable one for you. The one I am on is Mirena, and I can really say it is the most responsible thing I have ever done for myself. Because I know I can never rely on pill as I am clearly not responsible in taking them, I don’t want to spend money on condoms, so I was given the option of the minera that lasts for 5 years, or the injection that lasts for 3 years. Clearly I chose Minera (5 years), given the duration of my course of study + career goals…..

However, IF you happen to have a back up contraception other then a condom, it is always still wise to use both, especially when you have a active social/sexual life costantly. Because you never know where the other party has been to before you.

Personally, I feel every girl should make it a point to see a doctor everything 3 months for STDs check up, just to be safe, as that is what I have trained myself to do.

And even if you have a long term boyfriend and both of you have decided to have sex without the condom, for goodness sake……. GO FOR A CHECK UP BEFORE DOING SO.

Remember… love doesn’t conquer all… lol.

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Fascinating Search about ME

POSTED BY raine chong 3 years ago on 3 May 2011

LOL. I was just checking up my nuffnang analytics, and I saw something very interesting.

For you guys who don’t know out there, nuffnang keeps a record on how many people view your blog post everyday, where the clicks come from, and the keywords people use to get to your site. This way you will know how to market your site, and be aware of what kind of people read your blog.

And this is what I have found RECENTLY.


For some of you who did not know… Tan Jia Xin was an ex that I broke up 2 years ago. Or maybe longer then that. It just amazes me how people can still be obsessed with it till this day?

One of the best decisions I ever made.

But if you are like dying to know, let me tell you how. I became a lesbian and felt girls were much more attractive compared to him LOL.


But seriously its been two years. So I have came to many conclusion.


1. One of his loser friends have tried to play it cool to not ask him have finally burst

Basically, I admit to be kind of a bitch in the past. So maybe some of his friends finally wants to know how it all happen.

2. The story of how we broke up was made up to be so unbelievable by him people just had to google it

Well, there was a time, when TAN JIA XIN went to tell the whole of BHG tampines that I cheated with him with one of my colleagues. And as you know my mom was one of the supplier of BHG departmental store, which didn’t reflected well on neither of us. There was once I was hanging out with my friends at Sentosa. But the story that came out from his mouth was that I went out with my colleague and had an affair. Realizing that that colleague wasn’t serious about me so I ran back to Jia xin.

When this story got to me, I was like, WTF? Yes I was in sentosa with my friends, and my colleague was there. But accusing me on cheating? When I did not really get over our first break up. Oh my gosh -_- So I realized Jia Xin is a very good story twister.

3. A girl is so interested in him and feels the need to google his history.

Who knows? Could be. Well, if this is so, girl, I just have one thing to tell you. He wasn’t suitable for a girl like me. If you like him, go for it. LOL.

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Sarong Party Girl?

POSTED BY raine chong 3 years ago on 16 February 2011

Found this article on a Sarong Party Girl, and apparently they have a quiz! So I’ve decided to put it to the test.

For my UK readers, what is a Sarong Party Girl?

A Sarong Party Girl is a derogatory term to describe local Singaporean girls who only date Caucasians.

The SPG stereotype is tanned and skimpily-clad and her most flashy accessory is her fake American/Australian/English accents.


1) Do you smile more widely when you see him whip out his wallet full of cash and buy you a Louis Vuitton bag than when he suggest you guys spend a quiet night watching VCDs? 

No. Gosh, with the massive number of china girls and ah lians carrying a Louis Vuitton bag/wallet bought by their self declared rich bfs, who wants to follow that trend?

2) Does your heart skip more beats when you get a glance of his foreign passport than when he suggests that you guys spend a quiet night watching VCDs? 

No. Seriously? Passport?

3) Do you find yourself being happier spending his money than spending time with him? 

No. Fuck Sake.

4) Have you had a string of Caucasian men consecutively and have not turned your eyes to Asian men since? 

Well… I AM IN UK I CAN’T HELP IT! Although its true that caucasian men are better in many ways….

5) Does a 10-30 year age gap bother you at all? Does it matter that you are a young female below your 30s while your man is a balding, pot-bellied Caucasian and the hair that’s left on his head is pure white? 

Hell yeah. No Sex appeal = Bad Sex life. hur hur!

6) Does every Caucasian male appeal to you, be he young, old, short, fat or ugly? 

I’m not a slut. Lols maybe in certain angles I am but NO.

7) Do you frequent expat clubs and pubs just for the men and stay away from the local boys hangouts? 

I seriously can’t answer this question.

8) Do you have an aversion for ang moh women? 

Nope. I think they’re fucking hot.

9) Do you fake an accent just because you’ve been out with a Caucasian, and not because you’ve had an overseas education or have lived overseas for the most part of your life? 

LolS! no.

10) Do you aim to make yourself look like a tanned goddess, not because you like sweating like a dog in the sun, but because it is a common perception that Caucasian men dig tanned women?

I love my tanned skin. LOL.

If you answered, “YES” to more than 5 of these questions. It’s time to face the facts. You ARE a Sarong Party Girl. If not, you probably love your man for who he is, not for the colour of his skin.

Lols. I will love my man for who he is. But lets face it. I don’t want a Singaporean man unless he lives in a different country from his parents or he is an orphan. Very harsh, but hey, life’s tough. And I will never ever get with a CHINA MAN. They’re just gross.

For those of you who misunderstood me for hating the China people, I will tell you why. I have been getting a ridiculous amount of hate mail because of that post.

Two sundays ago I have been sexually harassed by those people, as they almost lured me to a hotel without my consent, and one of them, who was suppose to be my friend, tried to talk me into sleeping with her guy friend and “try a china dick for once”. And even say he will pay for everything, and if not asked me to join a threesome. How SICK can these people get?

Fuck sake, I am a Singaporean Chinese decadent. I am not one of the girls from China who sleeps around for money. I finally realized these china girls for a fact that they will sleep with anyone who can insert anything in their vagina. Maybe not all of them are like that, but most of them are. I am a SINGAPOREAN and we have standards. There is a reason why singaporean man end up finding wives from Thailand, Japan, Indo, China, Korea. Because most of us are not as submissive as most local asian girls. 

And now according to stats most singaporean girls are marrying what they call “angmo” which is a singaporean slang for caucasian. There is a reason. Because they are with a girl because they like them for who they are, and not because they see a potential of changing the girl to the wive they want to have which most singaporean guys do. And because most caucasian been across the world, they have a more wider perspective of things compared to the narrow minded asian man who expects their girl to submit to them. And just because you see brown/beige and a white skin together, the asian is regarded as an SPG? Isn’t it a bit ridiculous?

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POSTED BY raine chong 3 years ago on 15 November 2010

I can’t believe I could hold this in this long. Since I heard the news from Robert this morning, I just can’t believe I was still able to be so calm till this hour.

Apparently, the Scottish Government is cutting back School Funding of almost

£100 000 000 !!!!!!!



the following text shall be bold.




Despite this, after having a long day during lecture, I was on msn on my blackberry for some reason (big mistake), I was disturbed by a very unreasonable and childish text through my messenger which added fire to my mood in school. I am so fuckin tired from lecture together with the news of cutting back on funds, and knowing more projects will be coming in, and I am not gona fucking entertain such pathetic complaints. Seriously, get a life. I have far better things to do and I don’t get myself involved with such drama. And further more I don’t hold accountable on how I would run my life and who I shall hang with. MY LIVE EVOLVES AROUND MY PASSION AND COURSE ARCHITECTURE, AND IF ANYONE TRIES TO CHANGE IT, there is only one thing I can say. FUCK OFF.

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Guys who wear pants below their butts that look like they’re falling off

POSTED BY raine chong 3 years ago on 25 October 2010

Guys who wear pants below their butts and look like they’re falling off. This has been on my mind for 6 years!

seriously, whats their problem? Is it that hard to wear their pants just the way it was originally meant to be worn? If it was a fashion statement, how is that even close to FASHION? 0.0

And how do they even keep their pants from falling off? Since the but is meant to stop the pants from falling down.

At times, it feels as though they’re on their way to get themselves a blowjob. Or even just came out from getting a blowjob, and didnt have the time to fully put on their pants!

The pants was originally designed to be worn on the waist. and it slowly became a hipster. But that is no hipster, thats just, a DICKster. LOL.

In Hokkien, one of the village dialect in china, there is this term called “Xia Lan" which means naughty. In which most naughty guys always wear their pants below their asses. But in Manderin, “Xia Lan" means Down-Dick. So it is like saying guys who wear their pants like that have saggy Dicks.


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