It is truly a white Christmas

POSTED BY raine chong 2 years ago on 28 December 2011

HAHA! I bet some of you are confused with the title of this post. But I just want to blog about my first proper british christmas!!! :) I spent christmas at Stevensons with Stuart’s family! It was like living in a christmas movie LOL!

For christmas I actually went to trim my hair, bleached, dyed and permed it all by myself! I am honestly proud because my hair feels better then when I had a haircut in britain! LOL. And I found a bunny beanie which was really cute!!!  got it at only £2 :D

At Stevenson because Stuart and I was watching Michael Buble’s christmas special, and he was making ginger bread! So stuart was tempted to bake gingerbread!!! :D:D

On Christmas eve I went to my uncle’s place for a visit, and honestly Julian was getting very cozy with Stuart! HMPH!

And when we were back at Stevenson, we exchanged presents underneath the Christmas tree! Lol basically it was just me, because they exchanged it on christmas morning when I was at my uncle’s. But still! It was so nice of them all to buy me so much pressies! Never seen so many presents at one go before!! Stuart actually updated his mom on what I need and he bought me the books I wanted and alot more! gosh.

Not gona tell you guys in details what they got me though.. SECRET!

After dinner and relaxing at the living room we all had a game of ticket to ride! OMG this game is super addictive….

In all it was such a nice cozy Christmas! Absolutely loved it! Makes me realize I don’t have enough family time at home, which I have to make up for when I’m back in Singapore! 

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Weekend at Edinburgh!

POSTED BY raine chong 2 years ago on 25 November 2011

Stuart’s uncle was away for the weekend, so he allowed Stuart to stay at his place while he was away. Just to let him have a taste at how it would be like living in edinburgh :D

His flat was super nice! And he had a magnificent flat! His flat was almost close to perfect! When I get older I would definately want a flat like that! :D



Anyway we went to Asda to get some groceries to cook. Decided to have some curry because I saw a “Singapore Curry” jar. So wanted to try it out! And also Stuart was craving for Nachos…

Ended up… Kinda sucks. LOL! tasted like chippy curry =/ But still can live with it! Because after that we had wine with grapes and some tv… :D

It was so nice! I love enjoying wine with grapes and chilling to some good television with Stuart. It really makes me so relax…

And when I saw stuart cuddled up with the cat called Fudge, honestly I can’t help but smile to myself and realize how lucky I am to be with him! :D

During the 2nd night, Fudge was wanting to go out to play when its already half ten at night!!! Despite me saying he shouldn’t let Fudge out.. Stuart still went to let him out -_- Poor fudge had to stay out all night!

On Saturday we went to Edinburgh City Center as “tourist”

And we had mexican for lunch! Though it did cost quite abit..

On monday, thats when I HAD MY REVIEWS! It went really well, thats why I was in such a good mood on monday. And guess what I did! After having my reviews in uni at Glasgow…. I missed stuart so much I went to look for Stuart immediately after my reviews at Edinburgh!!!!!!!! hahahaha… Another night with him in Edinburgh. I absolutely enjoyed it!

This time, I cooked a whole proper meal! While stuart bought everything :x Salmon, Stirfry veg, sweet corn, and BEER.

On the whole, I had a fantastic time. Why? I had a glimse into my ideal future! I just love it when I was in the kitchen cooking while looking at stuart gazing into the tv stroking Fudge. It just makes me so happy! After a meal we do the washing up together which for some weird reason we work really well together lol. After that we cuddle up on the couch and watched some tv, I have never felt so relaxed before!

I am so glad he is in my life, and so glad that I’m in his :)

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  • stir-fry veg with chilli bean sauce. Yum :))

    stir-fry veg with chilli bean sauce. Yum :))

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  • ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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    Until the end of September, I will not spend a single cent!

    POSTED BY raine chong 2 years ago on 11 September 2011

    Stuart did a spreadsheet for me to keep track of my spending(bills, rent, spending), and I have decided to start using it. It was really useful, because I realized I have been spending too much money on fun. I have made it a point to save £100 every month, so it could accumulate. I am trying not to touch the SGD$500 my brother sends me every month because I want to wait for the British pound to DROP until it hits 1.5(which it will because it is currently 1.9).

    So from now till the end of september, I will not spend a single cent! I feel bad because Holly’s birthday is this month. Oh well, I would attend but I won’t order anything. Fucking broke!

    Ever since I have been with Stuart, he seriously made me see the importance of savings. And he made me realize how important it is to keep track of every single cent. Man, made me feel like such a child! I totally took it for granted in the past because whenever I’m broke my mom will give me money for no reason.

    Well, for the whole of this year, I have decided no more fun! Though its good to to have fun once in awhile, but not this year. I will get my honours and get fucking fantastic grades! So no more nights out, no more spending on big meals for nothing. Just for this year! *thinking of all the money I could save..*

    Maybe because this time, I do see a future with someone other then myself =D

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    When she reminisce…

    POSTED BY raine chong 3 years ago on 21 August 2011

    I was talking to Kellyn that day about our lives, and we were amazed about how fast time have flown!

    She was telling me about her good news on her BTO which she will get in 3 years, and I am feeling so excited for her already! Hmmm hopefully something else happens after 3 years too hmmmm…

    So funny! It feels like yesterday when I think about the first time we met!

    It was a workshop for new design students at Temasek Polytechnic, for us to familiarize with the school facilities. We were grouped with our course mates to-be, and because I didn’t know anyone, I was alone =( Then when everyone was asking for each other’s numbers, Kellyn was the first one to ask for mine!

    A few days later, (during the time, I was still with my ex Mervin) I recieved a text from a stranger, saying that her timetable is the same as mine, so asked me to meet her at design school entrance to go to class together. LOL! Yes you are right. IT WAS KELLYN. At my first thought when I read that message, I turn to mervin and said, "don’t know which crazy girl ask me meet her to go to class," :p

    Then when I was there, honestly, I totally forgotten how she looked like. All I knew is she had specs on! So to be honest, if I had been stalked by a paedophile, and he send a girl to stand there with specs and wait for me, I would have blindly followed her LOL.

    And Kellyn was unlike anyone I had ever met! She is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hyper, I was thinking this girl is super strange but friendly. But when ahead with it because its so new to me :x We also were close to this other friend, but he has now drifted so far away from us =(

    And did I mention it took me 1 year to find out Kellyn is 1 year older then me!?!?!?

    But anyway, of course we shared so much about our relationship with each other. I remember when I first heard her speak about her bf at the time, and having to first met him, I had such a strange vibe about him. But I ignored it because I thought it might be due to the fact that I didn’t know him that well.

    But as time goes by, as events happens, the more I dislike him! But I always talk myself to thinking if she likes him so much, there must be something really special about him right? =/ So I tried to like him because I love Kellyn so much lol.

    When they broke up, although I was telling her its her decision and whatever she does I will always support her, but in my mind I was like OMG FINALLY NOW KELLYN CAN FIND HAPPINESS! 

    Lol, many of your must think I am a bitch.

    Of course, real friendship encounters problems. Because I was so young, I was super spoilt and childish(although I have to admit I am still a little now :x). I took her for granted and sometimes refused to listen to her advices and comments. Yeah I was stubborn. Not only that I took advantage of the friendship! And because of another guy who happen to be her bf(at the time)’s friend, whom I blindly fell for despite of all the signs and warnings from her, it got me into deep shit. This led to so many misunderstandings which I honest can’t even recall what were they about!

    But still, if they’re your true friends, they won’t stay away for long isn’t it?:D But this let me learn something.

    Always listen to your best friend! They’re the family that god forget to give you, and they would never ever want to hurt you. 

    And even till now, I have been away for 2 years. Still we manage to keep this “long distance relationship” ! All my other friends, even relatives, did not even bother to keep in touch with me. But she is one of the few who bothered! Which makes me feel super blessed to have her around me :D 

    Even Stuart says I am lucky to have Kellyn as my best friend!

    In a blink of an eye, it has already been 5 years of our friendship! Between that, she has found the love of her life and her direction in life! And I hope I have found mine…?

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    National day is coming….

    POSTED BY raine chong 3 years ago on 4 August 2011

    National day is coming… so my next few post might be very Singaporean-like! Went on youtube to browse and found a few videos on how Singapore was formed. Was truly inspiring. All quotes are quotes by Lee Kuan Yew.

    Lee Kuan Yew is the founding father of Singapore. The man who help Singapore gain independence from the British.

    Under the British Colony

    The modern history of Singapore began in 1819 when Englishman Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles established a British port on the island. Under British colonial rule, it grew in importance as a centre for both the India-China trade and the entrepôt trade in Southeast Asia, rapidly becoming a major port city.

    Everything was very peaceful and quiet. Everyone was contented. Everyone thought they were going to be here for thousand of years.

    Japanese Invasion

    During World War II, Singapore was conquered and occupied by the Japanese Empire from 1942 to 1945.

    The japanese wanted everyone to bow to them. I did not know about this. So when I walked passed one soldier, they would call be back to bow to them. And as I bow they would kick my knees with their foot that made me fell flat on the ground.

    The Japanese taught me what power meant. That politics can determine a people’s destiny.

    What have we done to deserve this? Surely we had to be in charge of our own lives. And that was the beginning of Singapore’s politics

    Observing the British System

    You work on incentives. Then they tax you and redistribute. Help you in education and healthcare. They thought this would be a great society.

    Obtaining Power from the British

    The Singaporeans were dead pissed. We trusted the British rule. How could they do this to us?

    I went to London. I’m chinese, they’re not chinese. They think they’re superior, I know I’m not inferior,

    We decided, the British were not superior to us. There is no reason why they have to be superior to us. We CAN look after ourselves. What they can do, we can do - and better.

    However, we had no choice. The british still had the power. They had the chinese news papers, schools, management communities, etc. They were all afraid of them.

    That was the trouble. We were young and innocent. If you had given me a chance to do it all over again, I wouldn’t. Because it was just to dangerous!

    Winning the general election in 1959

    When we won the election, I knew we were going to have trouble with the communist. I was not excited because I knew a big fight was coming.

    They wanted a communist Malaya. We wanted a non-communist Malaya.

    So Lee Kuan Yew had to fight the comminist who resisted merger with Malaysia! How can a country survive without a body? Singapore was not strong enough to survive on its own. We needed a hinterland. So he managed to sustain a merger with Malaysia in 1963 :D

    The conflict between Tunku and Lee Kuan Yew governing Malaysia

    They wanted a MALAY malaysia. Where the Malays are on top of any other race. But we wanted a MALAYSIAN malaysia, where as citizens, we share the burden and the rewards.

    But till this day its still a Malay Malaysia. hmm… can’t be helped =/ I’m just glad I am born a Singaporean!

    When neighbouring countries was trying to put their nose in our business…

    I am not here to play somebody else’s game. I have to account for a few million people’s lives. Singapore will survive.

    No one hs the right to interfere with our domestic affairs. WE shall determine our own destiny.

    There will be no race riots in Singapore. NEVER.

    How was Singapore sustained?

    Lee Kuan Yew had to Lock up people without trail. Whether they are communist, religious, etc extremenist! If we hadn’t done that the country would have been in ruins today.

    He did not believe in the media as a government’s watchdog.

    We allow foreign newspapers to be sold in Singapore so that we know what foreigners are reading about us. But we cannot allow them to asume a role a singapore like how the American media plays in America.

    Everyman works for his own and his country.

    Everyone has his own rice bowl. If you drop it and it breaks, it is probably bad luck. But if you have your own you will take care of it with all your might.

    Singapore Priorities

    1. The welfare, survival of the people.

    2. The democratic, norms and processors, which from time to time we have to suspend.

    Lee Kuan Yew: I think we would not be here today if we have implemented in full, the original constitution the british gave us.

    Interviewer: What would have happened?

    Lee Kuan Yew: Disorder.

    To be honest, I really believe that Singapore would not be where she is today if the government had not intervene on very personal matters, like who our neighbour is, how we live, the noise you make, how or where you spit, or what language you use. Yes maybe because of all that we have almost no freedom to do anything, but then Singapore would not be the most comfortable and safest place to live in the world.

    For more details, watch the videos!

    Whoever decides to govern Singapore has to have the iron built in him. I spend my whole life time building this country. As long as I’m incharge nobody is going to knock it down.

    Even when you’re going to lower me into the ground and I feel something is going wrong, I will get up.

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    Dinner, Glasgow, a bit of Largs, ending it off with a Burrito

    POSTED BY raine chong 3 years ago on 1 August 2011

    One of the best dates I ever had, one where it doesn’t involve staying home! Being in Glasgow where there is almost nothing to do, this rarely happens.

    Stuart came over on friday night and we had dinner! I cooked of course. Lol many of you might have the sound of relief “wah heng I thought she will never do the cooking” LOL.

    And it was good ok! So good even a mouse from the construction work in the Mackintosh bar below me also climb up to have a sniff!!! Yes that really freaked me out.

    Salad with fruits in it! Something my mom always made for me :D So I made it for stuart lol.

    And stuart bought be one of the chocolate bar that I am most addicted to at the moment! Just leave me with this and I won’t bother you for a few hours :p

    With Rubicorn!!! AGH I LOVE THIS DRINK!!!

    After that was when we saw the mouse. Stuart tried to catch it but he couldn’t! But he also wouldnt let me come in the lounge when he was trying to catch it -_-

    The next day like I said we agreed to have a very asian date!!! So we got bubble tea! Lol but Stuart was more excited about it. This is why.

    THE FUCKING BUBBLE TEA COST £2.50!!! And they don’t even have many choices!!!! -_-

    Happily enjoying his bubble tea…..

    And when its finished stuart looks so sad! :((

    After some window shopping, we went to george square to chill! Such a lovely day!

    So much camwhoring stuart was nagging me to be so zhi lian!

    Reasons why I love him…

    Stuart has been telling me so much about Largs in the south of Scotland if I’m not wrong…. He brought be there to have ice cream!!! It was a 50 mins drive so it actually got me a little car sick… gosh I hate car rides… But still managed to zhi lian abit!

    I think now he’s used to me taking pictures of him randomly.. LOL.

    I will always remember the tattoo that got my attention..

    ME! HAHA.

    On the way there we stopped to view scenery. Being living in the city for so long, and only visiting my Uncle at Irvine which is one of the saddest place to live in, You actually forget how beautiful Scotland is.

    And soon enough…. 


    We went to a place called Nardini, which is super famous in Largs, to eat ice cream!!

    I got a cone ice cream! One side Rum and Raisin, and the other chocolate!


    But stuart didn’t get the cone ice cream….. He said he always drop his ice cream scoop everytime he gets a cone. Suddenly it reminds me of the fat guy in Lilo and Stitch who keeps dropping his ice cream :p

    So he got a cup one! One side strawberry and one side dinebar… whatever flavour is that…

    After that we sat around and experience Largs. And I am telling you, I have officially fallen inlove with the place!!! Its so beautiful. I can actually see myself living here in Largs when I get older.

    Brief History of Largs

    The word ‘Largs’ probably derives from the Gaelic word ‘learg’ meaning a grassy slope. There has been activity in the area dating back to the Neolithic era and the Burial Chamber in Douglas Park dates from around 3000BC. The remains of the vitrified fort on Knock Hill date to the Iron Age or around 500BC. There is also evidence of the Romans in Largs with Roman Baths unearthed in 1820.

    Largs was a centre for handloom weaving and fishing with over 50 boats. It grew as a seaside resort with visitors arriving by steamboat prior to the railway being extended from Fairlie in 1885. In fact the first summer visitors to Largs were the Reids who in 1782 traveled from Glasgow by various means including farm carts taking 2 days to arrive.

    Fairlie was an important sheltered harbour as far back as the 16th Century used by fishing boats and merchant ships. Fairlie Castle part way up the Fairlie Glen was built in 1521 and was the seat of the Fairlies until the 18th Century. The town began to grow with the coming of the railway in 1880. A station at Fairlie pier opened the way for boat trains from Kilmarnock and Glasgow bringing tourists to meet the cruise ships to Arran and Cumbrae. The station is no longer operational although the main Fairlie station is still active on the line to Largs.

    Fairlie was famous for its yachts produced by four generations of the Fife family. Famous racing yachts include the Marquess of Ailsa’s Bloodhound (winner of the 1909 Prince of Wales Cup). The yard closed in 1980.


    The houses are almost perfect, not as dodgy as Irvine or Glasgow, and its sooooo english! The life fully evolves around chilling on balconies and such, and its such a great place to live life! The type of people there are mainly families, not so much neddish crowd as I thought it might have. I simply love Largs! Imagine after a tiring day from work, you come home and chill on the balcony with wine and olives…. Mmmm…..

    A super professional picture of the sunset in Largs. I just love it!

    After a long day, we wanted a burrito! So we went to a mexican cafe to get some :D

    At the end of the day I couldn’t finish my Burrito! So stuart finished it all for me :D

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    You learn something new everyday

    POSTED BY raine chong 3 years ago on 30 July 2011

    Dating Stuart is actually very exciting. I think it’s mainly because he is Scottish and super open to different cultures, and I am extremely Singaporean.

    Like today he asked me,

    when Asians eyes are so squinty does the world seem squinty to you?

    I looked at him and burst out laughing! And I said,

    since Caucasians eyes are so huge does the world seem bloated to you?" :p

    And just today he was like “oh let’s be all asian tomorrow!! Let’s buy bubble juice and walk around town drinking them and go for ice cream in the evening!”

    And i happily agreed to it !!! Lol for your information people call bubble tea bubble juice here. Don’t know why. This was how I found out.

    Stuart: wanna get bubble juice??? It’s amazing!!!!
    Me: what’s bubble juice?
    Stuart: what you don’t know what is bubble juice? It’s so popular in Asia! You’ve got to try it!
    Me: hmm…. I’m sure I would know….
    Stuart: they’re the drink with those balls in them….
    Stuart: tea? They’re not even tea!!!!
    Me: *thinking they’re also not juice…*
    Me: yeah but thats the original name….

    So it’s planned. We’re going to walk around town drinking bubble tea and eat ice cream :p

    Every time when we speak, we never try to fake an accent to try to make the language easier to understand. But we always speak and stick to our original accent! Sometimes I even have to ask him to slow down what he’s sayin or he have to ask me to repeat my word. Lol!

    But he will always correct me and ask me to pronounce the way scottish pronounce it. Like the words garage and his name Stuart. Till now I still have problems pronouncing it correctly lol. But I’m teaching him how to say my real name correctly too!!!

    You know how different tones of the same sounding word can mean different things. Like how “si” at level four means the number four, while “si” at the level three means death. Or how “ma” at the level one means mother, while “ma” at level three means horse.

    so I’m getting him to pronounce my name correctly!!! Because my name has a meaning!!!!! Mines a Cantonese name, so “Kah” with the level one sound means home, “Wai” with the level three sound means intelligence (shut up don’t mock me). But Stuart always pronounces it as “Kah” with the first level sound and “Wai” with the first level sound!! Which in hokkien means “leg crocket” -.-

    Its so interesting dating another race! You always learn something new everyday! Stuart has also promised me to act like a ned for a whole day, and i promised him to act like a normal chinese girlfriend. This is going to be fun……..

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    A new chapter… Again.

    POSTED BY raine chong 3 years ago on 29 July 2011

    Man, Mimie is moving out soon. Well, she is heading to Singapore which I am so jealous about. Argh. I hate it when it comes to this! But anyway, she had a leaving party, and it was all pirate themed!

    So its photo time!

    I whore the corset that Kellyn bought me!

    And also……… did braids on my hair!

    I also convinced stuart to dress up lol. And forced some make up on him…..

    And the end finale!

    LOL. I still find stuart’s look a little but creepy…..

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    POSTED BY raine chong 3 years ago on 26 July 2011

    Was randomly talking bullshit about opening a design firm with a restaurant, but after much thought about it the thought seemed very appealing to me. However, it seems too big of a dream that it almost might seem Naive of me to even think about it. Even if it did happen, it will take years for it to be fulfilled.

    I dream to own my very own Singaporean Cafe in Scotland. A Cafe which caters true authentic Singaporean food at an affordable price. Unlike the available ones now which tries to make Singaporean food more westernise.

    The cafe space will bleed into my design studio, where I will set up a firm for my design services. giving services to Interior design, Interior Architecture design, and Architecture.

    Behind the walls of all these, is my own home. In which I could have my future family stay. My husband and I running the business in the cafe and the design firm together, children will be brought up within a environment of a mixture of culture.

    Life could be perfect.


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    Shishaaaaaaaaaaaa! at tchai ovna

    POSTED BY raine chong 3 years ago on 26 July 2011

    AHHHH! It is my first time smoking Shisha, and I LOVED IT! Aimee took all the photos and I simply had to post it on my blog. ENJOY!

    I was fucking late because MY PHONE WAS ON SILENT! argh. ended it reaching there at 9 instead of 7…

    The Shisha… Thingy… hmmm… Can’t remember what flavour we had too… Oh gosh I need good memory…

    Some Pakistan Tea that they ordered, it was really good!


    Am I gona Succeed?

    I DID!

    Aimee and Sophie with Aimee on FIRE!



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    Dogs and dirty boots welcome

    POSTED BY raine chong 3 years ago on 26 July 2011

    My neice Sid stopped by Glasgow and visited me!!! YAY! I was so excited I starting cam whoring in the car….

    Stuart showing off his sunglasses trying to look bad ass….

    And so I did it too…

    This time her friend joined us, and we went to Loch Lomond! Stuart drove us there… on the way there I felt so sick… I just can’t stand car rides!

    So camwhoring managed to distract me just a wee bit….

    And finally Loch Lomond!

    Sid’s friend Aruna :))

    And one picture sid took of me in a very awkward pose with stuart…

    Hmmm not bad photography for taking from a Blackberry Camera right? ;)


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    POSTED BY raine chong 3 years ago on 21 July 2011

    Stuart forgotten to log out of his facebook from my computer and i managed to have a few minutes of fraping time! I found this picture which I felt was so cute XD


    Took photos of the stuff Stuart bought me from US! Enjoy.

    Jacket and Shoes are mine, but the rest bought by him!

    Top and black jeans from Levis, Bag from Calvin Klein.

    Nike Gym Attire!

    And last of all, he bought me this mickey mouse key chain…. don’t know why…

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