It is truly a white Christmas

POSTED BY raine chong 2 years ago on 28 December 2011

HAHA! I bet some of you are confused with the title of this post. But I just want to blog about my first proper british christmas!!! :) I spent christmas at Stevensons with Stuart’s family! It was like living in a christmas movie LOL!

For christmas I actually went to trim my hair, bleached, dyed and permed it all by myself! I am honestly proud because my hair feels better then when I had a haircut in britain! LOL. And I found a bunny beanie which was really cute!!!  got it at only £2 :D

At Stevenson because Stuart and I was watching Michael Buble’s christmas special, and he was making ginger bread! So stuart was tempted to bake gingerbread!!! :D:D

On Christmas eve I went to my uncle’s place for a visit, and honestly Julian was getting very cozy with Stuart! HMPH!

And when we were back at Stevenson, we exchanged presents underneath the Christmas tree! Lol basically it was just me, because they exchanged it on christmas morning when I was at my uncle’s. But still! It was so nice of them all to buy me so much pressies! Never seen so many presents at one go before!! Stuart actually updated his mom on what I need and he bought me the books I wanted and alot more! gosh.

Not gona tell you guys in details what they got me though.. SECRET!

After dinner and relaxing at the living room we all had a game of ticket to ride! OMG this game is super addictive….

In all it was such a nice cozy Christmas! Absolutely loved it! Makes me realize I don’t have enough family time at home, which I have to make up for when I’m back in Singapore! 

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