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Fucking retart. Firstly I think this Aaron Tan Ah Beng wanna be is a disgrace to Singapore. I mean who is that childish to send a threat over youtube? But Anyway, because of that shit video that was broadcast across youutube and reached america, there were a couple of american youtubers that picked it up and had a say in it. 

On of the first was a youtuber Fadedholysoldier, whom i wasn’t offended by. I mean if i wasn’t a singaporean and saw a video like that i would have reacted like that. Fair enough.

But this other youtuber, Makell, really went too far.

Yes, fair enough Aaron Tan is a retart. But from there insulting asian men? And saying asian girls let white men fuck us because you think you’re the superior race? You’re really fucking ignorant aren’t you?

Firstly, I want to educate you on why some of us asian girls allow some of you to mistreat us. Do you not know in certain countries in asia they are known to be extreme gold diggers? In history is it known that in asia we work for our rice bowl, even if it costs us our lives. We are aware of where the money is, and we will force ourselves to get close to it. And if you’re not aware, it is a known fact in asia that white guys have money(lol maybe not anymore). Once these asian girls have their hands on your cash, it will all be taken away from you in no time and back to their country. And also, did you ever think maybe these girls simply want you to give them citizenship in america because they don’t want to return to their country? All these has nothing to do with asian guys.

Secondly, where the fuck did you get those laws? It isn’t even accurate! I admit that Singapore has ridiculous laws. But that is what makes us the safest country you can ever live in. We have heavy penalty on drugs that is why there is rarely any drug addicts unlike the idiots who go all out on drugs in america. We have a much lower crime rate and homelessness compared to america. It is those laws that make Singapore such a pleasant place to live in. I know because after living in Britain for 3 years, I am starting to realize how awesome our laws are! And we’re free from natural disasters!!

Third, SINGAPORE A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Do you have any idea how fucking advanced our country is? Despite being so advanced, we still managed to maintain our kampong-like lifestyles in our modern houses. And at least, WE ARE NOT IN DEBT DESPITE OUR GROWTH. You want to start a debate on which country is in more of a mess; Singapore or America? America is now heavily in debt of more the a billion bucks. China, a developing country is the biggest debt collector to America, a developed country.

AND FOR YOUR INFORMATION, the only reason why certain countries are still developing or poor, it is because AMERICA borrowed money from them. And now that America is still in debt despite having borrowed from these poor countries, it causes these countries to remain POOR. So please think twice before dissing them!

Its just sad that america has someone like you to be such a disgrace to america.

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