It is truly a white Christmas

POSTED BY raine chong 2 years ago on 28 December 2011

HAHA! I bet some of you are confused with the title of this post. But I just want to blog about my first proper british christmas!!! :) I spent christmas at Stevensons with Stuart’s family! It was like living in a christmas movie LOL!

For christmas I actually went to trim my hair, bleached, dyed and permed it all by myself! I am honestly proud because my hair feels better then when I had a haircut in britain! LOL. And I found a bunny beanie which was really cute!!!  got it at only £2 :D

At Stevenson because Stuart and I was watching Michael Buble’s christmas special, and he was making ginger bread! So stuart was tempted to bake gingerbread!!! :D:D

On Christmas eve I went to my uncle’s place for a visit, and honestly Julian was getting very cozy with Stuart! HMPH!

And when we were back at Stevenson, we exchanged presents underneath the Christmas tree! Lol basically it was just me, because they exchanged it on christmas morning when I was at my uncle’s. But still! It was so nice of them all to buy me so much pressies! Never seen so many presents at one go before!! Stuart actually updated his mom on what I need and he bought me the books I wanted and alot more! gosh.

Not gona tell you guys in details what they got me though.. SECRET!

After dinner and relaxing at the living room we all had a game of ticket to ride! OMG this game is super addictive….

In all it was such a nice cozy Christmas! Absolutely loved it! Makes me realize I don’t have enough family time at home, which I have to make up for when I’m back in Singapore! 

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Fucking retart. Firstly I think this Aaron Tan Ah Beng wanna be is a disgrace to Singapore. I mean who is that childish to send a threat over youtube? But Anyway, because of that shit video that was broadcast across youutube and reached america, there were a couple of american youtubers that picked it up and had a say in it. 

On of the first was a youtuber Fadedholysoldier, whom i wasn’t offended by. I mean if i wasn’t a singaporean and saw a video like that i would have reacted like that. Fair enough.

But this other youtuber, Makell, really went too far.

Yes, fair enough Aaron Tan is a retart. But from there insulting asian men? And saying asian girls let white men fuck us because you think you’re the superior race? You’re really fucking ignorant aren’t you?

Firstly, I want to educate you on why some of us asian girls allow some of you to mistreat us. Do you not know in certain countries in asia they are known to be extreme gold diggers? In history is it known that in asia we work for our rice bowl, even if it costs us our lives. We are aware of where the money is, and we will force ourselves to get close to it. And if you’re not aware, it is a known fact in asia that white guys have money(lol maybe not anymore). Once these asian girls have their hands on your cash, it will all be taken away from you in no time and back to their country. And also, did you ever think maybe these girls simply want you to give them citizenship in america because they don’t want to return to their country? All these has nothing to do with asian guys.

Secondly, where the fuck did you get those laws? It isn’t even accurate! I admit that Singapore has ridiculous laws. But that is what makes us the safest country you can ever live in. We have heavy penalty on drugs that is why there is rarely any drug addicts unlike the idiots who go all out on drugs in america. We have a much lower crime rate and homelessness compared to america. It is those laws that make Singapore such a pleasant place to live in. I know because after living in Britain for 3 years, I am starting to realize how awesome our laws are! And we’re free from natural disasters!!

Third, SINGAPORE A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Do you have any idea how fucking advanced our country is? Despite being so advanced, we still managed to maintain our kampong-like lifestyles in our modern houses. And at least, WE ARE NOT IN DEBT DESPITE OUR GROWTH. You want to start a debate on which country is in more of a mess; Singapore or America? America is now heavily in debt of more the a billion bucks. China, a developing country is the biggest debt collector to America, a developed country.

AND FOR YOUR INFORMATION, the only reason why certain countries are still developing or poor, it is because AMERICA borrowed money from them. And now that America is still in debt despite having borrowed from these poor countries, it causes these countries to remain POOR. So please think twice before dissing them!

Its just sad that america has someone like you to be such a disgrace to america.

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Another reason to delete my facebook account

POSTED BY raine chong 2 years ago on 7 December 2011

I was suppose to turn up to my lazercutting session at the workshop. I didn’t bring my phone because I was only suppose to be out for an hour.

When I was at the workshop for lazercutting, they were experiencing some delay, so they pushed my timing from 3-4 to 3:30-4:30. I came up to the studio, I had nothing to do because my laptop was at home. So I went to the school copumter to try log on to facebook and chill while i waited for 3:30 to come. And this is when I got mad.

Oh my gosh. I hate facebook. The only reason why I have a facebook account is so I can post random things sponteneously. But with their ridiculous security services now I can’t even log onto facebook sponteneously!

Even at home, when i want to log into my ipad to chill on facebook, I still have to reach out my phone to type in the code! How is anyone allowed to chill???

I wanted to log onto facebook badly because I was freakishly bored. So I contacted facebook, and this is what they replied.

This honestly pissed me off :

Note that we won’t be able to investigate this report without a copy of an ID that meets our requirements. After you send your ID, you should hear back from us within 48 hours.

WTF!!!! ID!!!!! Is this some sort of police investigation? It is just facebook!!! And 48 hours?? I just wanted to log on for like 5 minutes! And because of that I have to go through that whole process just to log in. Oh my gosh. Who can be bothered? It is like facebook’s way of telling me DONT LOG INTO FACEBOOK ANYMORE WE DON’T WANT YOU HERE.

Argh. Another reason to delete my facebook account.

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I think I have been studying too much BE

POSTED BY raine chong 2 years ago on 29 November 2011

I was watching an interesting program with Stuart the other day about Pensions in Britain. Is it effective? Has the country benefited from this?

In Britain, the average worker gets 20% taken away from their pay check, which is what they pay for council tax. This money goes into funding for education, health, public services, benefits, and last of all, pension. Well at least that was what I was told.

But honestly, I don’t understand how is that enough when I see more bums in the street living off benefits. I met so many students who took advantage of free education and ended up wasting the government’s money on education for them when the money could have been spent on something more productive, and I see elderly getting pension even when they don’t need it.

Free education

How can education ever be free? In the past I really wish for free education. But if you think about it, education requires an institution. It requires a good teaching staff. It requires sufficient equipment and facilities. It requires recognition. Education is considered a luxury. This means money.


With the raising living standards, of course a more higher class medical service is expected. It requires research. It requires a good health staff. An efficient functioning health institution. All these means money… as well. Though, every time I go to the doctor they’re are so freakin useless saying I’m okay when I am obviously coughing my lungs out -_-

Public Services

I am talking about road maintenance. Building maintenance. Council services ensuring security and sustainability of the city. Making sure everything is in order. Having a good government body. Yep, this means money.. again. Still, everything closes at 6, food is too expensive to eat out…


This is the worst part of it all. I absolutely have no respect for anyone who is going to live off the government, not bothering to get a job, or rather, being a beggar as a living. Getting pregnant without advance family planning, dropping out of school and not focusing in getting a ideal future for one’s self. Honestly, this type of mindset still existing in a developed country? At the end of the day, the government has to spend money on these useless bums, when all that money could be spent on making a better environment for the citizens to live in.


When I first mentioned about giving 10-20% of my salary to my parents as soon as I start working, Stuart was rather shock. I mean in Singapore, that is the way isn’t it? Your parents gave you life, wisdom, and knowledge. Gave you the decent environment to grow up in to make you who you are today. The least we could do is to ensure their comfort when they reach their retirement age. Which was why I was surprised that such a economically advance country like Britain don’t practice such values. Instead, the old folks rely on pension instead.

I understand how Stuart explains that it is just culture differences. But then again, I could never imagine myself not giving my parents money even when the government is. How can a child just “fuck off” after knowing all they their parents have done for them? I think this goes beyond culture into personal values and self-conscience.


I was watching “Cathy Come Home” at school the other day, and I was extremely taken back by the social and housing problems in Britain. All I could ask myself was, “does this Cathy women not have any family connections?” If she had, are they that heartless to not take her in at her time of need?

It is when looking at all these little issues happening here, I started to understand why the Singapore government set certain policies a certain way:

Our medical fees are partly subsidised - Now singapore has one of the highest standards in Medicine.

Our School fees are partly subsidised - most of us treasure education and will by hook or by crook GET an education even if it means stepping on everyone else.

Our taxes are only 7% - which caters to our public services. Together with that there are foreign taxes that contributes to the society.

20% are being set aside by the government for retirement for us - We work for our own pension. Which makes us even more hard-working in our career which contributes to the economy to be more productive.

It can all be argued that because Singapore is a small country, it is easier to manage. This is very true. Even if we happen to have social problems it wouldn’t be as bad as how it is here. But looking at Britain’s long painful transition since the 1800s, it makes it quite amazing to look at Singapore’s rapid transition from the 1960s to what it is today.

But again, you can’t deny the beautiful historical landscape and monument Britain has managed to preserve for hundreds of years. Despite the terrible economy, people(like me) come here not for the market, but the wonderful culture that is largely influence since the Victorian times. If only this beauty was reflected in the lives of the modern folks.

P.S: I still want a scottish wedding in Scotland.

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PRCs, why won’t you just BEHAVE to prove us wrong?

POSTED BY raine chong 2 years ago on 26 November 2011

It is a known fact that I hate many PRCs. When I say PRCs, I am talking about People Republic of China. The ones that were born and raised in China. Not the awesome ones that I have become friends with here in UK.

Lately, I have been reading news about chinese residents in Singapore misbehaving and showing disrespect to my people. Not only that, these PRC do not portray proper traditional chinese values that I myself was brought up with (my family is taoist). It shows how uncivilized these assholes can be.

Since I was at a young age I was always very prejudice against Chinese citizens. I always told myself I never want to be so “cheena”, so I grew up speaking English, neglecting my chinese roots. Firstly, I hate the accent and the food. Secondly I have never like being around Chinese people in school.

When I grew up, I thought I was being way too childish, so I decided to give these people a chance. Further more China is blooming so technically I bo bian lol.

But still, these PRCs have yet never proved me wrong. They are still cheap, disrespectful, rude and uncivilized.

Like the saying goes, action speaks louder than words.

Source 1: Outrage over PRC student’s insult: ‘S’poreans will always do worse than us’

"There’s a lesson we can learn from the recent Singapore vs China matches, which is applicable when we take our final exams. No matter what, don’t give up, because Singaporeans will always do worse than us."

STOMPer zong said:

"I chanced upon this post while reading through a well-known online forum, Hardware Zone Singapore.

"I feel that it’s really disappointing and demoralizing to us Singaporeans.

"Although many Chinese students have proved that they are significantly smarter and hardworking than many Singaporean students, this does not give him the right to insult our intelligence.

"I think that he should be sent a severe warning letter to think twice before posting such harsh comments on Singaporeans.

"These comments will affect the relationship between the Mainland Chinese and Singaporeans.

"On top of that, he should post an apology letter or thread on the forums to apologise for his negligence and carelessness in posting such hurtful remarks on Singaporeans."

STOMPer antitiong wrote:

"First, we offered them a place to study here in Singapore.

"Now they belittle our academic capability?

"What’s this?

"They take the opportunity to study here is fine enough, but to make these remarks, it’s like… sarcastic."

PRCs are ungrateful.

Source 2: PRC tourist claims that they were ‘assaulted’ by Changi airport staff and police

Netizens are outraged by a Chinese national’s online comment that ‘Singaporeans will always do worse than us’. The NUS student from China has apparently apologised for the post and claimed that he was merely reposting a friend’s words.

The disparaging remark, which made reference to the Lions’ recent losses to the China team in the World Cup qualifier matches, read:

A spokesperson for the Police has stated that Auxiliary and Airport Police officers discharged their duties professionally in restoring order, after a group of Chinese National passengers alleged that Police ‘assaulted’ them at Changi Airport.

The passengers had blocked a passageway at the airport to protest the 9-hour delay of a Hong Kong Airline flight from Singapore to Hong Kong. They later claimed that the Police officers that had arrived to restore order had ‘assaulted’ them, and even threatened them with their handcuffs and weapons.

An airline spokesperson said that CCTV footage of the incident, however, showed that Singaporean ground staff had acted appropriately to the situation. 

A spokesperson for the Singapore Police Force wrote:

"In response to media queries, police confirmed that on 15 Nov 2011 at about 2215 hrs, the police received a call for assistance from Changi Airport Group (CAG) Customer Service Officer manning the Terminal 2 Information Counter, citing rowdy boisterous behaviour from a group of frustrated passengers over issues of compensation they had with their airline arising from a flight delay. 

"The Police’s inquiry into the case, including reviewing of the CCTV, showed that prior to the arrival of Airport Police officers, a group of passengers had attempted to block the way of other passengers who were making their way to their departing gates. Several members of the Auxiliary Police who were in the vicinity, interfered to get the crowd to remain calm and to co-operate with airline representatives. When Airport Police officers arrived, they assisted the Auxiliary Police to restore order. 

"The CCTV footage confirmed that the rowdy passengers had indeed obstructed the path of other passengers and were causing a public nuisance. The CCTV also showed that Auxiliary Police officers who were engaging the passengers did not use a trolley to push it into the group. A female Auxiliary Police officer was in fact, seen drawing her handcuffs when a section of the group began to taunt her. Both Auxiliary and Airport Police officers discharged their duties professionally in restoring order and have ensured that airport operations at the terminal were not interrupted. 

"Police investigations into the incident are ongoing."

PRCs are troublemakers.

Source 3: Curry incident was 7 years ago

This Sunday (Aug 21), Singaporeans will be taking to their kitchens to stir up the most fragrant curries in an islandwide event.

The Cook a Pot of Curry event was created in response to the outcome of the mediation action of the Community Mediation Centre when a mainland Chinese family asked a local Indian family not to cook curry as they did not like the smell.

The outcome of the case, in which community mediator Marcellina Giam handled, was that the Indian family only cook curry when the Chinese family was not home.

According to a clarification issued by the Community Mediation Unit, the solution to the dispute was proposed by one of the parties and accepted by the other. The mediator only acted as a neutral third party to facilitate discussions between the disputing parties, continued the clarification.

Netizens who had set up the event on Facebook, stated the purpose of the event was “to promote the ‘message’ of Curry Cooking and let all natives and newly-arrived immigrants understand the message of tolerance and appreciation of our beautiful multi-racial culture”.

They also asked that those cooking curry “share the pots of curries” to “spread the message of love, tolerance and acceptance”.

Wrote STOMPer Martin in response to the event:

"Came across this event on Facebook: It seems that a lot of Singaporeans are going to be cooking curry this weekend in a show of solidarity as Singaporeans!

"This was prompted by a recent article about a mediation between an Indian family and a family from PRC.

"The PRC family had complained about how they couldn’t stand the smell of curry from the Indian household.

"The eventual outcome was that the Indian family agreed to cook curry only when the PRC family wasn’t in."

PRCs think they’re KINGS.

Source 4: Fierce China girl shouts at granny selling flowers — then goes inside temple to pray

STOMPer E was disgusted when she saw this China woman shouting and screaming at a helpless elderly woman selling flowers outside Kwan Imm Temple. What’s the point of going to the temple to pray if you are so disrespectful, the STOMPer added.

In an email to STOMP today (Jan 31), the STOMPer says:

“I was at Kwan Imm Temple in Singapore, taking pics of the temple when I came across this PRC scolding an elderly woman who sells flowers for a living.

“I was shocked, but since this PRC did not harm the elderly woman physically and I don’t know what the scolding is about, I kept a distance and took a video clip of how disrespectful she was to the elderly woman.  

“The PRC was picking on the elderly woman who makes that few cents from selling a packet of loose flowers or a few stalk of flowers to the devotees of the nearby Kwan Imm Temple.

“After scolding the old lady, she turned and screamed at me, asking me why I took her pictures. When I asked her if she was trying to pick up a fight, she walked away.

“To my surprise, the PRC walked into the temple after scolding the poor elderly woman. So unforgiving, so rude, so bitchy, so disrespectful, need to pray for what?

“The elderly woman then told me that the PRC had asked her a lot of questions about the flowers that she was selling, and then walked away.

“Then the elderly woman started to nag at the PRC when she realised that she had bought flowers from another woman.

“Even if the elderly woman is not right to nag at the PRC for not buying flowers from here, the PRC should not be so disrespectful and scold her.

“What is the point of going to the temple if she is so unforgiving and disrespectful towards old people?”

PRCs are hypocrites and ill-mannered.

Source 5: Foreign woman tells Ah Ma: ‘Just because you’re old, doesn’t mean I’ve to give way to you’

STOMPer Karen said a foreign woman, who was apparently a Chinese national, refused to give way to an elderly woman on a bus who was about to alight. The STOMPer said the foreign woman was also rude to the elderly passenger. 

The STOMPer, who took a video of the incident, said:

"This happened this morning (Nov 16).

"The bus was crowded and the elderly woman wanted to move to the back of the bus as she was going to alight soon. 

"But the China woman was standing up and blocking the way, even though there was empty seat in front of her. 

"When the elderly auntie asked the foreign woman to either sit down or move in to the back so that she could make her way to the door, the younger woman ignored her.

"The woman sat down when the auntie asked her a second time, but she later started to argue because she wasn’t happy about being told to sit down.

"The auntie told her that she shouldn’t be rude, as she is in Singapore, and the foreign woman replied that she lives in Singapore too.

"When the old woman was about to alight, the foreign woman told the auntie that just because she’s old, it doesn’t mean that she has to give way to her."

PRCs have no proper upbringing.

Source 6: China hawker couple attacked 3 patrons for taking extra ikan bilis

It all started when STOMPer Julia took a portion of anchovies from a container that was placed outside a hawker stall in Clementi. Before they knew it, the China hawker couple started punching and hitting her family of three.

Said Julia of what happened (Apr 14):

"A China hawker couple at Food Loft Block 431 Clementi Ave 3 assaulted my family of three all because of some anchovies. This happened around 1pm yesterday.

"One of my photos clearly shows a small table with a container of fried onions and another container of anchovies beside some trays outside the stall. After paying for the noodles, I took a small saucer and placed some anchovies onto it.

"The lady owner started to raise her voice at me saying, ‘You Singaporeans who are paying so little money want to have so much of everything’. 

"She kept on mumbling and complaining to the crowd and passers-by about me getting the little extra anchovies.

"My point is if they didn’t want to give the anchovies away, they should have kept the items inside and out of sight. My husband then took pictures of this woman grumbling and of the noodles. The woman complained to her husband and he came after us and assaulted all three of us.

"We had to run for our dear life and they continued to chase us, kicking and banging on our locked car. The woman even stood in front of our car to stop us from driving away while her husband kicked and slammed the car from behind.

"We rushed to SGH to see the doctor for my back and head injury sustained from a fall while trying to stop my husband from hitting them. Both of his eyes were swollen and my poor son got a blue-black under his right eye. The medical bill was S$180.00 and all because of some extra anchovies. We also made a police report later at night."

According to Julia’s husband, they decided to snap photos of the food and the stall as they wanted to make a report to NEA as the food did not seem clean. 

At this point, the China man came out and shouted, ‘Why you taking picture?’ He later started shoving Julia’s husband around with his body and his own camera, telling him to ‘sit down and be photographed’.

In the middle of this, Julia’s husband went to ask the China woman why she ‘made the matter so big’. He held up the plastic container of anchovies, which she slammed down onto the table. 

This sparked off the assault, with the China couple punching Julia’s family, including her 14-year-old son who tried to defend his father. The China man also used an object to hit the STOMPer’s husband on his head.

Julia’s husband said he tried to defend himself from the man’s punches, but his wife and even the coffeeshop owner prevented him from doing anything. 

The China couple is apparently known for their bad temper, the coffeeshop owner told him.

PRCs are hooligans.

Source 7: How can? Family refuses to get off bus, gets free taxi ride instead

STOMPer iceblue was disgusted that the family who had caused a 5-hour standoff on board an SBS Transit bus was given a free ride home in a taxi. He feels they should have received a stiff penalty for their behaviour instead.

The family of four, comprising a Chinese national couple from Beijing, an elderly lady and her daughter (both Singaporean) as well as their maid were told by the bus captain to alight after they had brought a wheelchair on board the bus. 

This was because the bus was not equipped with a padded wheelchair dock, which meant that transporting a wheelchair would have been unsafe for other commuters.

Here’s what the STOMPer wrote in an email today (Jan 19):

"I was surprised to read an article in Wanbao yesterday about this family, including two members from China, who ‘hijacked’ a public bus for about 5 hours in Singapore, and was given a free taxi ride home by SBS Transit.  

"The family had wanted to board a bus near Mandai and was refused by the bus driver for bringing a wheelchair up on the bus due to safety concerns, as wheelchairs are a safety hazard and might injure others on the bus if there are no safety straps onboard.

"The family refused to alight and left other commuters stranded on the bus. 

"The reason given by the PRC woman was that the bus did not have signs that forbid wheelchairs to be brought up.

"The bus captain had to call another bus in to transfer the other commuters to. 

"I am amazed by SBS Transit’s response in providing a free taxi ride home for the family to end the fiasco. 

"The situation seems to have been mishandled. It just suggests one should make a fool out of yourself to have your requests granted. It sets a bad precedent.

"Clearly, in this scenario, the family had not only created a public nuisance, but also wasted taxpayer’s money by activating the police and increase costs for the public transport operator. 

"The police, should have taken action against the family instead.

"No wonder our public transport costs are increasing."

PRCs are heartless.

Source 8: Rude China bus driver laughs loudly at passengers who miss bus

STOMPer Yvonne was shocked by the actions of this rude China bus driver, who stood at a bus stop and laughed loudly at all the passengers who missed their bus.

He even quarrelled with some of the passengers and insulted them, says the STOMPer.

Yvonne recounts the unpleasant incident:

"I was waiting for my bus to arrive at bus stop number 54101.

"When bus 58 arrived, some of us flagged the bus.

"However, the bus captain just drove off without stopping.

"While this happened, this rude China bus driver, seen in the picture, was standing at the bus stop.

"He laughed loudly at the passengers who missed the bus.

"He even raised his voice and quarrelled with a passenger.

"He insulted the passengers and said things which indicated that he looked down on Singaporeans.

"As an employee in Singapore, I don’t think it is good to make such comments.

"I wonder why SBS employed someone with such an attitude."

PRCs are big bullies.

The list goes on. There are just too many and I don’t want to flood you guys with it all. There are other sources I didn’t mentioned because they are outrageous and didn’t occur in Singapore, but in China, like the todler who was runed over several times but no one bothered. The tolder eventually died. What the heck, here the link.

click here

So, I have been waiting for a time where I can say, “Wow, these PRCs aren’t that bad after all,” However, I am consistently proved right again and again. Some PRCs are ungrateful, troublemaking hooligans that think they’re KINGS, together with their hypocritical and ill-mannered upbringing. To me, they portray themselves as heartless big bullies in Singapore.

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Weekend at Edinburgh!

POSTED BY raine chong 2 years ago on 25 November 2011

Stuart’s uncle was away for the weekend, so he allowed Stuart to stay at his place while he was away. Just to let him have a taste at how it would be like living in edinburgh :D

His flat was super nice! And he had a magnificent flat! His flat was almost close to perfect! When I get older I would definately want a flat like that! :D



Anyway we went to Asda to get some groceries to cook. Decided to have some curry because I saw a “Singapore Curry” jar. So wanted to try it out! And also Stuart was craving for Nachos…

Ended up… Kinda sucks. LOL! tasted like chippy curry =/ But still can live with it! Because after that we had wine with grapes and some tv… :D

It was so nice! I love enjoying wine with grapes and chilling to some good television with Stuart. It really makes me so relax…

And when I saw stuart cuddled up with the cat called Fudge, honestly I can’t help but smile to myself and realize how lucky I am to be with him! :D

During the 2nd night, Fudge was wanting to go out to play when its already half ten at night!!! Despite me saying he shouldn’t let Fudge out.. Stuart still went to let him out -_- Poor fudge had to stay out all night!

On Saturday we went to Edinburgh City Center as “tourist”

And we had mexican for lunch! Though it did cost quite abit..

On monday, thats when I HAD MY REVIEWS! It went really well, thats why I was in such a good mood on monday. And guess what I did! After having my reviews in uni at Glasgow…. I missed stuart so much I went to look for Stuart immediately after my reviews at Edinburgh!!!!!!!! hahahaha… Another night with him in Edinburgh. I absolutely enjoyed it!

This time, I cooked a whole proper meal! While stuart bought everything :x Salmon, Stirfry veg, sweet corn, and BEER.

On the whole, I had a fantastic time. Why? I had a glimse into my ideal future! I just love it when I was in the kitchen cooking while looking at stuart gazing into the tv stroking Fudge. It just makes me so happy! After a meal we do the washing up together which for some weird reason we work really well together lol. After that we cuddle up on the couch and watched some tv, I have never felt so relaxed before!

I am so glad he is in my life, and so glad that I’m in his :)

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TED Talks: James H Kunstler dissects suburbia

POSTED BY raine chong 3 years ago on 6 October 2011


Interesting talk about defining public space that touches on so many relevant points, much of which has been discussed this week by my tutors.

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  • bgilliard:

Some exciting redevelopment opportunities in London, Ontario, including this concept for the forks of the Thames. Today the river is separated from the downtown by parks, and I think bringing some creativity to a portion of the riverbank will transform how Londoners understand what a city can be. The downtown beach is a particularly cool idea. There probably isn’t anything else like this between Toronto and Chicago.


    Some exciting redevelopment opportunities in London, Ontario, including this concept for the forks of the Thames. Today the river is separated from the downtown by parks, and I think bringing some creativity to a portion of the riverbank will transform how Londoners understand what a city can be. The downtown beach is a particularly cool idea. There probably isn’t anything else like this between Toronto and Chicago.

    (Source: titularhumour)

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  • whocaresaboutarchitecture:

“Our houses are such unwieldy property that we are often imprisoned rather than housed in them.”
Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862)
Drew Kelly - Security Guard, Beijing


    “Our houses are such unwieldy property that we are often imprisoned rather than housed in them.”

    Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862)

    Drew Kelly - Security Guard, Beijing

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  • simplypi:

Adidas + Architecture = the Laces Building


    Adidas + Architecture = the Laces Building

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